Twitch Extension for Scooget Setup

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Twitch extension for Scooget Setup


We’re pleased to announce that Scooget now allows you share your setup in Twitch. Under the Twitch platform, our Scooget extension features the display of multiple setup photos together with product tags, and a PC build list, all within an interactive Twitch panel.


Mrgregles Twitch scooget setup extension
Twitch Mrgregles’ Scooget setup extension


The instructions below illustrate the main steps to have your Scooget setup displayed under your Twitch account.


Step 1 – Sign up and connect to Twitch

Sign up at Scooget with your Twitch account or If you are already member, you can connect to your Twitch account using the “Connect with Twitch” button under your Scooget user profile page.


Sign up with Twitch button


Connect with Twitch button


Step 2 – Create and activate your setup for Twitch

Create your setup under Scooget with the video tutorial below. It is important to make sure that your setup status is public and activated for Twitch.



Public and Twitch activated status icons


Step 3 – Under Twitch, install and activate Scooget setup extension

In your Twitch account Creator Dashboard page, search for “Scooget Setup” under “Extensions” section. Next install and activate the “Scooget Setup” Twitch extension. Thereafter, select your panel position for this extension to be displayed.


Find Scooget Setup extension under Twitch

All done! You’ve just shared your awesome setup with your viewers under your profile page “About” section. Do kindly provide us with your feedback under our site community.


Additional Tips:

  • You can additionally configure the colors of your panel text and background to match more seamlessly with your page using our extension configuration tool under the settings option.


Scooget extension configuration
Scooget extension configuration


  • You can display multiple photos of your setup with simply a click on the plus sign below.


Adding photos to your setup


  • To order to monetize your setup, you’ll need to input your affiliates codes as depicted below.


Monetize setup button


Affiliate codes input pop-up for monetization
Affiliate codes input pop-up


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